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| Importance of Professional MOT Testing

At IWS, we provide a wide range of garage services to motorists in Witney and the surrounding areas. Our garage and tyre dealers offer car repairs, MOT testing, MOT retests, tyre fitting, short- and long-term van hire, vehicle recovery and roadside assistance. One of the most popular services we provide is MOT tests. MOT tests cover the inspection of vehicles to ensure they meet the necessary road safety and environmental standards. Your vehicle’s first MOT test should be in the third year after its registration, after which the test is an annual requirement.

Here, we look at some core reasons professional MOT tests are so important. Key factors include:

  • Legal Compliance

  • Peace of Mind


Legal Compliance

The main reason to book your annual MOT test with professionals is because it’s a legal requirement. Unless your vehicle is on the exemption list, or is less than three years old or you’re driving to a booked test or repairs following a failed MOT, it’s illegal to drive a car or van with a failed or expired MOT.

If you are found driving with a failed or expired MOT certificate, motorists can be fined £1,000. If you are found driving a vehicle classed as dangerous, the penalty could increase to £2,500, and you could receive three points on your licence.

Our tyre dealers and garage specialists offer MOT testing at our workshop in Fairford to customers in Witney and the surrounding areas. Our tyre dealers offer a full range of garage services to keep your vehicle in top condition. We also provide vehicle recovery and van hire if your vehicle has broken down.

Peace of Mind

Annual MOT tests should be booked not only for legal compliance but also for your safety and peace of mind. Arranging your MOT test with our professionals will give you complete confidence that your vehicle is safe to drive and that you and your passengers won’t be put at unnecessary risk.

Full-Service Company

As experienced tyre dealers and garage experts, we offer all the services required to return vehicles to excellent condition. Some of the core garage services we provide to customers in Witney and the surrounding areas include:

  • Car Repairs

  • MOT Testing

  • MOT Retests

  • Tyre Fitting

  • Short-Term Van Hire

  • Long-Term Van Hire

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Roadside Assistance

Our team are happy to answer any questions about our services. We can advise you on the right services to meet your requirements and help keep your vehicle safe and running smoothly.

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