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| The Importance of Regular Checks

When you own a vehicle, taking good care of it is important for numerous reasons. Regular maintenance keeps your car safe, fuel-efficient and fully functional. It also helps you get the most from your investment by extending your vehicle’s lifespan and preventing unexpected faults or repairs. At IWS, we offer various garage services to keep your car in top condition, including MOT testing. We also offer van hire.

As a garage and tyre dealer, IWS is on hand to meet all vehicle-related requirements for customers in Cirencester and the surrounding areas. This includes vehicle recovery, roadside assistance and breakdown repairs in addition to regular maintenance.

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Here’s why periodic maintenance is important for your vehicle:



Annual and interim services help catch small problems before they develop into serious issues that could put you at risk. MOT testing includes checks on important parts of the vehicle, including braking and suspension systems, ensuring vital parts don’t let you down. Furthermore, as an accredited MOT test centre, we make sure your vehicle meets legal safety standards.

Even if your car seems fine, our technicians can identify the smallest signs of wear and potential problems, allowing us to fix them before they cause a breakdown or accident. As expert tyre dealers, this includes making sure tyres are safe and legal. If your vehicle isn’t driveable, we also offer van hire for your convenience.


We all like to save money, and regular car servicing is one way you can do this. Minor garage services are cheaper than vehicle recovery and breakdown repairs, which our Cirencester customers can avoid by staying on top of car maintenance. Annual and interim servicing also helps stop small issues from turning into more widespread and expensive damage.

In addition, our services ensure your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible, reducing fuel consumption and running costs. Even something as simple as new tyres can help with fuel efficiency! You can also avoid fines by keeping your car in a safe, roadworthy condition.

Vehicle Longevity

The better you treat your vehicle, the longer it will last. This means you will need to replace your car less often, saving you the hassle and expense of getting rid of your old vehicle and finding and buying a new one.

The following garage services can help you get the most from your car:

  • Vehicle servicing – annual and interim services

  • MOT testing at an accredited MOT test centre

  • Minor car repairs when needed

Choose IWS for Vehicle Maintenance

IWS helps customers from Cirencester and the surrounding areas keep their vehicles in top condition. As an experienced tyre dealer and garage, we provide everything you need, including:

  • MOTs

  • Interim Servicing

  • Annual Servicing

  • Oil Changes

  • New Tyres

  • Car Repairs

  • Breakdown Repairs

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Van Hire

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